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With more than 35 years of experience, we’ve done it all

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We want to create a sence of easy convinient service for all your Electronic needss since 1980 From Retro to Modern Electronics, we fix them all.

482 cosburn ave east york on 416-421-1259  same-day-in-home-service on all tv's stereos computers home/cell phones



home tv service

Same-Day-In-Home-Service  Since 1980 and our friendly honest service is how we keep our customers. Father and Son Family Business

since 1980 our


We repair all Home Phones Cell Phones Computer Laptops  Computers Desk Tops Computers,nd Providers Of On Line No Cable TV services.

TV visual AUDIO design for you

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 Home TV  Service

       482 Cosburn Ave

 East York 416-421-1259